LYNDIANA ROSIEUR - Sporting Success

LYNDIANA ROSIEUR - Sporting Success

Lyndiana is eldest daughter of Heremaia and Nadene Rosieur (Wi Taiawa), and is a Year 11 student at Auckland Girls Grammar Kahurangi Unit (Kura Kaupapa).  Lyndiana is pictured here with her team mates (she is back row, second from the right)

She started Waka Ama 4 years ago and has gradually worked her way through the ranks and has attended competitions all over the world.

She has won 6 gold and 2 bronze medals in Rarotonga for the 2 years she competed there paddling in her age division as well as the age division above. One of which was for the singles category They have a competition which is held there every year called Vaka Eiva and teams and individuals come from all over the world to compete. Lyndiana's main competition was Hawaii and Australia in her races.

She also travelled to Brisbane, Australia last year to compete in their Waka Ama National Sprint Champs and came home with 3 silver medals one of which was for the singles category.

January of every year Lyndiana competes at the New Zealand Waka Ama Sprint Nationals held at Lake Karapiro where she has won medals each year of competing.

At the 2012 Nationals she won a gold and bronze medal as part of a six man crew. Lyndiana paddles for a club in Gisborne called Mareikura where she is coached by one of the best coaches in New Zealand, Matahi Brightwell.

Lyndiana has been in training for the past two years as part of the New Zealand team which travelled to Canada last month to compete in the 2012 World's Waka Ama Sprint Champs. They are held in a different country every two years. This was Lyndiana's first time for trying out and then being selected for a World's crew. The training was gruelling and was 7 days a week as well as school but it all payed off for her and the team, coming home with three gold medals in total and finished first in the world for their age division (J16). They competed against teams from Australia, Hawaii, Great Britain, Italy, Brazil, Japan, Canada, USA and Russia.

At the moment Lyndiana is now refocusing on her studies but will start training again in the school holidays for the 2013 Nationals and has also been asked to be part of the very first Waka Ama team to compete at the Olympic Games in Rio.

We wish Lyndiana every success and look forward to bringing you more of her achievements in future....

Posted: Tue 11 Sep 2012