This page advises us all of the work that needs doing on the Marae (or else where) and calls for volunteers to help out. 

If you wish to put your handyman skills to good use in other areas - please contact the Marae Committee Chairman Angela Aitken (


Below is the lawns roster so everyone can be advised when their whanau is due to do the lawns, gardens and Urupa at the Marae.

At this stage, you will need to bring your own lawn mower and equipment.

It would be a good idea to liaise with your whanaunga to make the most of your 'day' and to share the work load.

Lawns Roster 2017


June 2017- June 2018

10 June Kiri Whanau
24 June. Ringi Whanau
8 July. Wi Taiawa Whanau
22 July. Timi Whanau
5 August. Eruera Whanau
19 August. Dennis whanau
2 September Harris Whanau
16 September Kiri Whanau
30 September Ringi Whanau
14 October. Wi Taiawa Whanau
28 October. Timi Whanau
11 November. Eruera Whanau
25 November. Dennis Whanau
9 December. Harris Whanau
23 December. Kiri Whanau
6 January. Ringi Whanau
20 January. Wi Taiawa Whanau
3 February. Timi Whanau
17 February. Eruera Whanau
3 March. Dennis Whanau
17 March. Harris Whanau
31 March. Kiri Whanau
14 April. Ringi Whanau
28 April. Wi Taiawa Whanau
12 May. Timi Whanau
26 May. Eruera Whanau
9 June Dennis Whanau
23 June. Harris Whanau

Each Whanau is responsible for there turn at mowing the Marae Lawns,
A monitoring system will be in place so if a Whanau doesn't do there turn they will be informed by email and on the Omaha Marae Facebook page.






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