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Please note that bookings are not avaiable at this time!!!

 The Omaha Marae can comfortably accommodate 65 individuals staying overnight.  If your group is larger, please contact ....................... to discuss (mobile ) or Click on link to email ..............:

The following is the process you need to take in order to book the Marae for your event:

1) Go to 'Bookings Calender' and check availability. The 'white blocked' areas are times when the Marae is available.  The 'red blocked' areas are when it is booked. The 'Blue Blocked' areas are times where it is unavailable for booking.

2) Now that you have a date, email ........................ (           ), who will double check availability for the date.

3) Read the 'Omaha Marae - Bookings Information Package' in its entirety so you understand your responsibilities.  You can view and print out the Information Package by clicking on this link: Booking_Information_Package.pdfComplete the two page  'Hireage Form' found within the 'Booking Information Package' (pages 7 & 8) and submit along with your booking fee. Please make sure you sign and date the 'Hireage Form' before sending. Once complete, please send to : Omaha Marae Bookings, .......................

4) To pay the Booking Fee of $100 you can either do so by cheque ( made payable to 'Omaha Marae Committee') or paid via Internet Banking.  With Cheque payments, please ensure it is accompanied by the Hireage Form, both of which are to be sent too  :  Omaha Marae Bookings, ....................... Internet banking payments can be verified by emailing .......... as well.  Please endeavour to  pay this within a few days of the booking being made.  Failure to do so may result in the booking being removed so as to prevent any further loss of bookings from other groups.


*Alternative methods of payment can be made by arrangement with the Bookings Officer (click here): Bookings Officer

Your booking can only be finalised upon receipt of both your 'Hireage Form' and 'Booking Fee'.

Once the process is complete, your booking will be confirmed.   


Booking Fees - Non Refundable

The Booking Fee is to cover the cost of utilities for the period booked.  It is also to safeguard the Marae should there be a cancellation.  The Booking Fee is exclusive of accommodation and kai/catering charges.

The booking fee is non-refundable, with the exception of a Tangihanga  (funeral) needing to take place at the Marae.Please be aware that as a Marae, Tangihanga (funeral) take precedence over all bookings.If you need further assistance with any booking enquiry, please email Janelle on the email link at the bottom of this page